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Loving Life @ Main Office

Escape Zones – because loving life, is living life

The Escape Zones are a healthy and fun part of your day.

Getting away, either indoors or outdoors is essential to success.  And healthy foods and habits.

We want you to sweat, and get your heart rate up.  We then offer showers for your convenience and refreshment.  (Please dont over do it.  The first aid room and defibrillator is not actually intended for use.)


Next door is Mutch Park with Skate Park, Tennis Courts, Golf,  Fields, walking and jogging tracks.

They also have squash courts which are indoors but also raise the heart rate.   We have Bocce balls if thats your game… as long as you love to play.


The games room is separated from the work spaces so no noise will distract.  Foosball, Table Tennis, Jenga, Darts, Bean Bags, Karaoke and a chance to refined the putting are included.

Enjoy the comfortable quiet lounges for thinking or chatting.

Making a private call from the secure phone booths.. ours have chairs and desk.

Or hang with friends in the meeting rooms or lounge break areas.


Our Cafe has healthy options for you.  You can purchase as you wish or buy a food deal for the month.  We do have fridges for your convenience if you wish to bring your own.  Westfields Food Court is a 500m walk so that can also class as exercise.


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